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Liam Collectible Pin


Liam Collectible Pin by FiGPiN™

The fourth of eight collectible Mass Effect: Andromeda character pins coming to the BioWare Store! We'll be releasing a limited quantity of a new FiGPiN™ each month through November 2017. Check back in August to find out which member of the Tempest crew will be next and continue your collection!

  • 3 inch tall, 2mm thick zinc alloy synthetic enamel pin with highly detailed line work
  • With a patent-pending rubber kickstand backer to stand, pin or display your pin
  • Packaged in a clear, stand-able PET box with a Mass Effect: Andromeda custom BioWare Store exclusive background card
  • Each FiGPiN™ comes with a unique laser-engraved serial number to look up more information on your pin on www.FiGPiN.com

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