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Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 2

Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 2

Bring me the corpse of Commander Shepard!

Featuring behind-the-scenes annotations by the creators, this deluxe, oversized hardcover collects the Mass Effect: Foundation series, a story from Free Comic Book Day 2013, Mass Effect: Blasto—Eternity Is Forever, and a beautiful gallery section of covers, exclusive sketches, process drawings, and more, making this an essential edition for any Mass Effect fan!

From the lead writer of the blockbuster Mass Effect 2 and 3 games. Starring bounty hunter Urdnot Wrex, geneticist Mordin Solus, assassin Thane Krios, and other members of the Normandy crew.

  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • Sized 9" x 12"