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Mass Effect Saga Lithograph

Mass Effect Saga Lithograph

"Mass Effect Saga" by Sam Spratt

  • Open edition 18 x 24" print on 100lb. paper
  • Offset Lithograph printing process

About the Artist: Sam's work spans from fine-art portraiture, to fantastical creatures and surrealism, to classical treatments of web and pop culture, and is deeply integrated into the beat of The Internet. Tens of thousands of people follow his social media presence devoutly as he generates viral illustrations on a regular basis—seen and shared by millions of people. His work has caught the attention of the public but also art critics as well as mainstream publications with interviews in places like Maxim, The Daily Dot, and MTV. His technique is built off of oil-painting training in classical/Baroque methods and translated to the fast-paced digital world. Sam is based in NY.

Note from Sam: “I've been a big fan since it came out and really BioWare as a whole since I was young. Mass Effect is one of the only series I've stumbled upon where the writing, characters, and art direction were cohesive and immersive enough to pull me into full-fledged video game escapism. It's incredibly ambitious, one of the most socially conscious and inclusive game series out there, and despite the occasionally overly vague dialog wheel that "tricked" me into accidentally killing characters I grew embarrassingly attached to on multiple occasions—it remains one of the best representations of games as art.”

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