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Jaal Lithograph

Jaal Lithograph

A lieutenant in the Angaran Resistance, Jaal Ama Darav comes from an enormous and famous family of fighters. He’s a self-taught modder and tech-head who likes to take things apart in his spare time. Jaal, like all angara, is free with his emotions and will always let you know how he feels - good or bad. Although he is respected and admired, Jaal searches for a place he can truly belong.

Stay strong and clear!

  • 100lb coated acid free paper
  • Signed by Artist Ben Lo Senior Concept Artist of Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • Limited Edition 500
  • Hand Numbered
  • 18x24"
  • Limited 2 per person
  • Offset Lithograph printing process

First in a series of three lithographs as part of a triptych.

Ben Lo’s name appears in the digitally created image, and also appears on each of the limited editions as an original signature applied by the artist’s own hand.  Ben Lo has authorized this limited edition print and has approved all proofs and impressions.

The most stringent precautions have been undertaken to ensure the integrity of the limited editions specified herein. The master used in printing these limited editions prints has been destroyed after printing the edition; the computer file from which this edition was created has been watermarked with a mark indicating the edition has been closed. The artist reserves the right to use the image on this limited edition print in any other size, medium or in any other manner whatsoever, except that no other limited edition prints in any medium will be created.

Artwork will ship in tubes and may take 4 weeks or more to process due to our new packing protocol.

Art orders placed after November 30th cannot be guaranteed delivery by Christmas.