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Elcor Plush

Elcor Plush

My Talking Elcor! 

With several unique and deeply expressive phrases, My Talking Elcor voices a love greater than the gravity of Dekuuna and is scientifically engineered for maximum huggability and affection. Give your loved ones a gift that will make them jump up and down shouting, “Jubilantly: Yay.” 

My Talking Elcor says the following five unique lines:

  • Affectionately: I love you.
  • Uncontrollable Glee: Ha..Ha...that tickles.
  • Manipulative Begging: Can we go see Blasto 6....Pleaaaaase.
  • Superstitious Fear: Can you check under the bed for reapers.
  • Continued Concern: Can you check the closet too.


  • Plush is approximately 7 inches tall.
  • Batteries included! (Unzip the pouch at the bottom of the elcor and remove the tab from the pack, first.)