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N7 Etched 16 oz Mug


There are very few truly unsanctioned delights left in this world, but I would argue a frosted mug is one of them. A good frosted mug will keep cold beverages colder, and will cool down pesky hot beverages with a righteous and indiscriminate quickness. Best when used on any kind of shake or float beverage. Less enjoyable when used for eating soups, but I'll be damned if I place any kind of rules on how you want to use this thing for your own personal enjoyment inside your own personal living space.

Please note: This mug will not arrive in its preferred cold and frosty state. We tried this a few times, but mail carriers complained of soggy packages and the mugs still arrived without actual frost. We briefly entertained the idea of shipping these inside a portable fission-cooler, but were quickly advised by our lawyers and some humorless men in suits that this was wholly not allowed, followed by a frankly exhausting series of questions about exactly where and how we got the coolers in the first place. So maybe frosted mugs aren't as unsanctioned a delight as I initially thought. I weep for the world. Into my frosted mug.

Glasses are dishwasher safe, top rack suggested. But to prolong the life of your glasses, hand wash is encouraged.

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Mass Effect Saga Lithograph by Sam Spratt

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